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Once you get to around 100 of every upgrade, you can just sit there and do nothing because the bar barely goes down and the number is increasing at an insane speed. In about 2 min, I went from Wyoming to active twitter users

..aand 3 mins later I passed the world pop

Umm, I'm using a laptop and this game lags really badly from the beginning. I'm interested but can't play because of lag.

Have it so when you hold down the upgrade button it rapidly upgrades


I really enjoyed this. I played until I was about the population of Wyoming. I would love to have finished, but at this point my money was going up so fast I could just click on the upgrades constantly. But when I do that, the particle effects and crowd jumping stacked up and made my computer lag so bad I couldn't upgrade fast enough to keep up. It would be great if there was an option to turn them off.

And I can't tell what the different upgrades do. Could you give a description of what they do? Thank you.


weird how you have so much feedback but only played till an audience of like 30 people

Did you even read my comment?
1. I played until the audience was the size of Wyoming. That's not 30 people. That's 500,000 people.
2. What's with this strangely defensive/hostile tone? I said I liked your game, dude. I also asked you how I could better enjoy it, and thanked you.
3. The guy below me had literally the same issues and questions I did. Learn how to take constructive feedback.

Just to clarify, it was not me (the dev) who responded to you. That was just another player.

I appreciate the feedback and I’m happy you enjoyed the game, although it is not being developed anymore.

so you see, the joke was that wyoming has so few people that making up an arbitrarly low number and saying that the population is said number is funny. 

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Actually, you’re reading into it than I intended. I looked up the smallest state by population, and got Wyoming with 563767 people, which is the value used in the game. It’s probably a different population today, but it wasn’t arbitrary.

Edit: sorry, I see that you’re clarifying that your original message was a joke. Carry on

TPP, great concept. It's a fun game to play, and I was engaged until I "completed" it. I'd love to see the concept expanded on and more content added! Since it's what we do, here is some feedback. //
1. Add graphics setting (remove movements, particles, jumping for upgrades, etc.) Slow laptop = major lag
2. Ad an upgrade multiplier (10x, 25x, 50x, 100x, Max, etc.)
3. It would be fun to see what the growth scale is for the audience (what the next benchmark is - DND Group, Raid Group, Classroom, etc.).
4. I'd love to know specifically how each upgrade affects the growth & income. I started gathering it, but knowing the actual details would be fun
5. Being able to hit the tutorial mid-game without restarting progress would be nice
Overall, it was fun as is, but limited to about 30 minutes of play. Thanks for sharing your creation!