This game is a modification of The Prestige Tree by Jacorb, using a modding framework called The Modding Tree by Acamaeda. This is a complete overhaul mod, however, replacing all vanilla content with new layers with different mechanics, and a completely different theme.

If you enjoy numbers going up, and find the idea of incremental games without "time walls", you'll probably enjoy this game!

Compared to the original, this game focuses on keeping mechanics relevant for a long time to make the game more strategic and less "Whack-a-mole", where the player just buys whatever they can afford next.

Check out the source code for this game at


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I like this game a lot, feels great after playing Prestige Tree. BTW, there's a typo in the Experience description, it should say "can't even bear" rather than "can't even bare".

Oh, wow I really thought it was "bare" when used in that sense. I looked it up and it definitely would be "bear" not "bare". Thank you for the correction. I'm not sure I'll be making a new build of this game any time soon, but I'll correct that for if/ when that happens.

how do you write the thesis?  It says you need a lot of hours, but how do I start working on them?

Once you have that amount of hours you can just buy it, like an upgrade.

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nice game, but i got stuck, i have 9 enrolments, 4 APIs, 3 goodwill, but i havent unlocked D yet, what APIs and goodwill upgrades do i need to unlock D?

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ok i managed to get it

you see this is why we need something that covers up spoilers.

141h to completion cool game

Am I supposed to have D unlocked before getting the two "unlock an extra Degree program" upgrades from API and good will? I'm at 8 enrollments and have been for hours.

Yes, you should have D unlocked by then. I'd recommend re-speccing A and/or G to boost experience or enrollment gain.


Very cool game, but I seem to keep having a problem that causes my higest updates reachable drop ater upgrading productivity.

Update: unlocking auto update seems to have helped 

well made and enjoyed thourouly

very cool game