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Completed it in 93 hours. Loved the game! What a great experience :) Hoping you continue working in game development


117 hours to complete. Great game.

i lost my progress i had 1e130 hours of work :(


Damn, only doing heat death ^100 hours of work, I'm poor.


i played this game for hours really good game


I can do 1e23 hours of coding work in under a second using my custom-built quantum brain-computer bridge, and now you tell me to go take CS 101?


This is a really good game. 

i lost all my progress ))))))))))))):::::::::

If you join the discord me or one of the community members can help reconstruct a save approximately where you were at. Sorry that happened to you.

its fine i got it all back again

refractions make me confused when i have it on and it is blue does that mean i get that much faster??

omg i just played the whole game while my librabry thing was charging

its still update?


No, game dev tree is a complete experience. There's nothing more to add.


I like this game a lot, feels great after playing Prestige Tree. BTW, there's a typo in the Experience description, it should say "can't even bear" rather than "can't even bare".

Oh, wow I really thought it was "bare" when used in that sense. I looked it up and it definitely would be "bear" not "bare". Thank you for the correction. I'm not sure I'll be making a new build of this game any time soon, but I'll correct that for if/ when that happens.

how do you write the thesis?  It says you need a lot of hours, but how do I start working on them?

Once you have that amount of hours you can just buy it, like an upgrade.

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nice game, but i got stuck, i have 9 enrolments, 4 APIs, 3 goodwill, but i havent unlocked D yet, what APIs and goodwill upgrades do i need to unlock D?

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you see this is why we need something that covers up spoilers.

141h to completion cool game

Am I supposed to have D unlocked before getting the two "unlock an extra Degree program" upgrades from API and good will? I'm at 8 enrollments and have been for hours.

Yes, you should have D unlocked by then. I'd recommend re-speccing A and/or G to boost experience or enrollment gain.


Very cool game, but I seem to keep having a problem that causes my higest updates reachable drop ater upgrading productivity.

Update: unlocking auto update seems to have helped 

well made and enjoyed thourouly

very cool game