This is an incremental game designed to be played as an advent calendar! Play bite-sized pieces of content as they unlock every IRL day from December 1st to Christmas Day!

Made with members of the community on my discord server:

StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
AuthorThe Paper Pilot
TagsChristmas, Clicker, GitHub, Incremental, Narrative, Open Source, Story Rich

Development log


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This was a fantastic game!  Thank you so much!  I loved the pacing of it, prevented me from rushing thru it all in one fell swoop. Very fun!  Merry Christmas!

New update doesn't allow multiple windows to be open. Still working on building the workshop, and its very annoying to have to go to the calendar to go back and forth.

planeting seeds lags behind chopping trees far to much 

Playing through the days was something I looked forward to every day. Merry Christmas!


Can I request adding the 'generate new country' button back in for Day 23? The 'solve 5 countries' perk actually added 1 city to my route and the patch that fixed it did not regenerate my map so I'm still routing a way-too-big country with a still-capped route tick rate.

I understand what I have is probably a very niche bug since I played Day 23 so early but the consequences have been so damning and the removal of the regenerate button when this day was first uploaded seemed like such a confusing choice when it's quite literally the solution to my problem. I'm willing to stick out the potential over 8 hours I'd be waiting to route this city so things go back to normal, but this snag has really put me off the game, and so close to the finish too.

Awesome game, but the balance on day 17 seems extremely off, I have 103 clothes, 248 trucks but only 3 wooden blocks, at this rate I'll finish the day without the wooden block upgrade.

I assume it's intentional since the wooden block upgrade implies a huge expansion to the workshop section, maybe for Day 18? Who knows.

It only lets you go up to 1200% workshop, rather than the 3000% the text seems to imply. The milestones are kindof neat, but it's not as earth shattering as I would've hoped XD


Do some manual planting and cutting by holding down p for a while then c for a while. I was just going to give a hint but it's not really obvious that the speed has changed so much.

wow ok, the difference is huge and for a game that gets progressively more automated I'd never guess, thanks for the tip!

np :)

Only bug I've found so far (I'm on day 15 rn) is that "Automated Spade" (the first auto-tree-planter upgrade) doesn't actually auto-plant a tree per second, it just does nothing.

Ridiculously well made game, how was so much work done so quickly??

Welp can't seem to open todays advent page it just opens the trees instead

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Yep, the countdown timer for Day 12 is now increasingly negative.  I see the game version updated to 0.4 (was 0.3 for several days), but Day 12 hasn't gone live yet.

Edit: Went to look at the Discord server since the forums are kind of cluttered. Day 12 and 13 are expected to go live together.

I've been having issues with tabs not closing properly or wood/coal not updating properly on elf resets.

Also I hit the milestone to unlock drill upgrades for oil and they... didn't unlock.

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Now fixed.

The Saplings/ trees numbers don't update.  I do run out of trees I can chop, but I have no idea how many trees I have.  (It always says 0 saplings and 10 trees.)

Also, if I hold down the "plant a tree button", it freezes and I have to take my finger off the button for it to refresh.  Although I think this may have to do with the "limit" of trees that I can't see.

the first bug happened to me aswell

to fix it just refresh the page